Cloud WAF
your line of defense against cyber attacks.

Automatically intercept CC attacks, sql injection, xss, one-sentence Trojans, and malicious crawlers

About Cloud WAF

Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) by OmaxHost delivers advanced security defense for your websites. Developed to shield your digital presence from a wide spectrum of cyber threats, our Cloud WAF provides multi-layered protection against sophisticated attacks and malicious activities.

Advanced Web Attack Protection

Our Cloud WAF provides highly effective protection against various types of web attacks, including:

CC attacks

A Collapse Challenge (CC) attack floods a web server, causing downtime. Our solution effectively prevents such disruptions.

SQL Injection

Prevents malicious SQL queries that can compromise the security of your database.

XSS attacks (Cross-Site Scripting)

Detects and blocks attempts to inject malicious code through web forms and scripts.

Malicious File Upload

Stops attempts to upload malicious files to your web servers.

Remote Command Execution

It prevents remote command execution through web application vulnerabilities.

Malicious Scanning and Interception

Detects and blocks scanning activities and unauthorized access attempts.


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If you use more data than 100 TB, you pay € 0.002 per GB.


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